New company launch. Brand strategy, identity development, video, website development, and brand wide art direction.
Honeywell Forge Video
Introduction video highlighting features and benefits for new software platform. Art direction, storyboarding, and collaborative management of motion graphics editor.
Honeywell UOP Refinery of the Future Campaign.
Part of a comprehensive brand refresh for Honeywell UOP including video, digital and print, and social media. Visual strategy and overall art direction. Collaborative management of 3D modeling and motion graphics.
Honeywell Workforce Excellence Interactive
Created an interactive tool to highlight Honeywell's Workforce Excellence product suite tools. Interactive elements within each area allows user to discover features and benefits. Design and art direction
Minneapolis Crisis Nursery
Art direction for various video projects supporting the Formula for Hope Live Events
experiential | environmental design
Visual strategy and art direction for Honeywell's User Group conference/live event. Created visual identity and applied to various signage, print, and video experiences.
Honeywell Executive Forum Video
Dragos Platform Video
Introduction video for clients new Platform Video. Highlighting features and benefits. Art direction, storyboarding, and collaborative management of motion graphics editor.
Miscellaneous Websites
Quickstart Interactive
A companion interactive to a software system that assists in the probate process. Designed to give end user an overview of the software program. Art direction, illustration, and UI.
Various Information Graphics
Art direction and illustration.
Honeywell Safety Bot
Using a 3D character to represent Honeywell’s safety and security solutions. Design, storyboarding, art direction, and collaborative management of 3D modeling.
Illustrations created for various larger campaigns and video.
Additional Illustration Samples
KnowHow Interactive
Online interactive as part of a larger overall campaign promoting Honeywell's know how. Art direction, illustration, and UI.
Cyber Security Interactive
Touchscreen interactive to raise awareness of cyber security issues and how customers can protect their facilities from the risk of cyber attacks. Art direction, UI, and collaborative management of programmer.
Honeywell Midstream Interactive
Interactive experience for customers that shows Honeywell’s broad product portfolio for Midstream Oil & Gas. Divided into 2 sections: Portfolio of products and areas of challenge for customers. Art Direction, UI, illustration, and collaborative management of with 3D modeler and programmer.
Dragos Smart Factory Video
Video highlighting the collaboration of Dragos with various partners at the Smart Factory customer experience center. Art direction and collaborative management of 3D modeler and motion graphics editor.
Champion X
Introduction video to introduce the Alchemy suite of technologies. Art direction, storyboarding, illustration, and collaborative management of motion graphics editor.