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The show will go on.

As the Design Director for the Honeywell HUG Live event project, my responsibilities included overseeing the visual brand strategy and implementation, as well as providing overall art and design direction. I was in charge of managing a team of both internal and external personnel across various areas such as design, presentation decks, video, social media, and the production of all environmental graphics.

My goal in this project was to ensure that the event's design and visual elements were cohesive and aligned with the brand's vision, while also being engaging and informative for attendees. I am proud of the team's hard work and dedication in making this event a success.

Honeywell HUG (Honeywell Users Group) events are conferences and forums organized by Honeywell to bring together customers, partners, and industry experts to discuss and share insights on Honeywell's latest technologies, products, and solutions. The audience for these events consists of 
engineers, operators, managers, and executives who are involved in the design, operation, and optimization of process plants and facilities in the process industries, including oil and gas, refining, chemical, and petrochemical. There are two HUG events each year, one in the US and one in Europe. The European event is basically a copy of the US event but the venue is of course different.

Storystick Marketing managed and produced this live event every year for over a decade. We were tasked with coming up with a theme, supporting messaging, visually branding the event, and creating all supporting graphics across digital and print.

Develop a theme and visual brand strategy that aligns and supports their current business goals and objectives for Honeywell's business initiatives. This year the Focus was on digital transformation and innovation in the industrial sector.​​​​​​​ Create all visual expressions of the theme brand across the following deliverables:
- Environmental graphics for the event.
- Digital expressions of the brand including video, web, and social media.
- Print materials including large format prints and all conference materials.
- Stage presentations.
- Stage design.

- Create a scalable design that can be applied to the graphics at the two different events.

Our approach to this was fairly straight forward. We began with exploring aspirational words and ideas and then translating that into statements and taglines. We would then explore visualizing those statements to create imagery that would resonate with HUG's audience. Working with the Honeywell's stakeholder team we would select an idea and move forward with it. 

The following 3 event theme statements and a corresponding tagline were chosen as the 3 concepts. The statement wanted to support the idea that digital transformation and the modernization of their facilities would make them efficient and profitable.
Reveal Your Best
Data. Insights. Results
The Connected Universe
Roadmap to infinity
Connext (Connect + Next)
Accelerate Performance
We started exploring imagery of the universe and space, as well as a digital landscapes, because we thought it would be a good backdrop for these subjects and helped represent the limitless potential of Honeywell. We also looked into the use of illustration because we liked how it related to "connect"and had a cool idea to turn Honeywell product offerings into star constellations. This linear expression would contribute to the technical and futuristic sense while providing a unique look.
Initial exploration
Exploring these ideas in a vertical format and trying to incorporate photography. It was an iterative process of experimenting and mixing ideas to see what would create the compelling imagery and be able to be leveraged across all of the event deliverables.
Visual direction defined

The concept of "Reveal Your Best" with a starry night backdrop was selected, as it struck a chord with the Honeywell team. In fact, Honeywell's clients who had a sneak peek of the ideas provided positive feedback. The space-themed background was chosen to represent Honeywell's limitless potential, and the stars were symbolic of a bright future. Additionally, the backdrop was easily adaptable for graphic applications during the event. Furthermore, we enhanced the plant imagery on the horizon to reflect Honeywell's diverse range of industries served, including oil and gas, pulp and paper, nuclear, and more.
Our objective now was to start applying the selected direction to the event's numerous signage requirements. We required horizontal and wide horizontal applications, as well as vertical applications and varied lock ups for the main message and tag lines.

Below are some of the graphic applications for the event.
Another challenge we faced was to also integrate and work with the existing Honeywell brand. The following are some of those examples.
Wide screen video opener for the event

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