"More than any other design lead I’ve worked with in my career, Eric brainstorms spontaneously, shares rough ideas and work in progress, and takes feedback readily. Also, he is quite good at estimating the time it will take to both develop an idea and execute it. And, as we hired young designers, he sought to understand their existing abilities and then help them develop their strengths and gain both new skills and new perspectives."

Martha Pettee, Storystick Marketing

Gifted Design Leader with a proven 20+ year history of success building and leading worldclass creative organizations to produce creative services and solutions for industry leading global B2B and B2C clients.
Visionary Design Director with a background of producing cohesive, consistent, and innovative brand images across channels by executing concepts within diverse collateral, including video, website, brochures, special reports, newsletters / publications, presentations, invitations (print / digital) and other event materials, advertisements, signage, web graphics, infographics, etc.
Stand-out Team Mentor & Coach who excels at optimizing global creative team performance and contract designer output by providing strategic guidance, creative direction, and personalized support and mentorship to drive individual professional growth and change within dynamic environments. 
Seasoned Creative Professional skilled at partnering and collaborating within diversified, cross-functional teams, including key internal and external management, to support leading global brands and organizations to envision and deliver unique design solutions for interactive experiences, brand strategies, and visually engaging design solutions.
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